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A Guide to Recruiting Wellness Champions

A Guide to Recruiting Wellness Champions Propel

If you’re ready to bring new levels of engagement to your wellness program, recruiting wellness champions should be a top priority! And just like any recruiting–you’re going to want to find the best for your team. This guide to recruiting wellness champions will help you breed a more successful wellness program, which will consequently improve the wellbeing of your corporate culture.


Ultimately, the most effective way to recruit wellness champions is to:


  • Find employees who are already super engaged with your wellness program,
  • Identify great leaders/managers throughout your organization,
  • Seek out role models in the company who are enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle.

Who Are Wellness Champions?

Group of colleagues playing tug of war outdoors.

Before you start recruiting, you’ll want to understand exactly who wellness champions are and what they can do for your organization. Think of wellness champions as a network of captains and cheerleaders who voluntarily promote their organization’s wellness program to increase employee engagement. In fact, they’re like free marketing for your wellness program and they’re happy to do it! If you’d like to see other organizations’ success with wellness champions, check out this recent study.


You can probably think of a colleague who would be a perfect wellness champion candidate. These are the people that are first to be seen taking the stairs over the elevator, and the last to be seen eating donuts in the breakroom!

To break it down, here are some key characteristics of wellness champions:

  • Strong passion for living a healthy lifestyle
  • Great leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to execute goals and initiatives
  • Enthusiastic about promoting wellbeing
  • Willing to help and teach others
  • Team-spirited

What Are Wellness Champions in Charge Of?

Although wellness champions help to grow wellness program engagement, they are volunteering their time, so it’s important to distinguish exactly what they will be in charge of. There’s typically one representitive for each department, and they meet together frequently to collaborate, share feedback, and set goals based on program initiatives. Ultimately, the responsibilities will be up to you and your team to decide, and they may change over time.

Wellness champions typically take on the responsibilities of:

  • Communicating wellness program news to employees. Most notably, they communicate face-to-face with employees about upcoming wellness challenges, events, and other news. With the influence wellness champions have, they make it seem easy and fun to participate in the program. Additionally, they can help peers register and show them how to get the most out of the program.
  • Finding new strategies to improve engagement. Since wellness champions know what peaks their co-workers’ interests, it’s easier for them to find creative ways to make the wellness program more enjoyable. Read this article to see what wellness champions can do to make your wellness program surprisingly fun.
  • Frequently offering feedback to optimize the user experience. Wellness champions are super-users of the wellness program, and it comes in handy when making sure the program is user-friendly.

Recruiting Wellness Champions

Most of the time, recruited employees jump at the chance of getting to be a wellness champion. It’s a responsibility that makes them feel important. Before you reach out and ask candidates if they want to be part of the team, you’ll want to develop a solid plan so they know what is expected of them.

Follow this guide for an effective recruiting process:


Sydney Sweet

About the author

Sydney Sweet

Sydney Sweet is the Communication and Engagement Manager at Propel, where she helps organizations cultivate a community of wellbeing using strategies unique to each company's culture. In her free time, Sydney enjoys watching and playing sports of any kind.

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