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5 Team Wellness Competition Ideas That Will Boost Engagement

5 Team Wellness Competition Ideas That Will Boost Engagement Propel

Make your next wellness competition great by integrating team competitions! Competing as a team not only adds to office chemistry, it also boosts engagement. Team members must depend on each other to hit their goal, making it essential that all members get involved. Turn up the competition and engage your organization with these 5 team wellness competition ideas!

5 Team Wellness Competition Ideas

1. Pedal Towards Adventure

Teams compete to see who can average the most miles biked over two weeks. All forms of biking are included: stationary, spin class, road bike, mountain biking, etc. The team averaging the most miles at the end of the competition wins.

2. Row & Run

Teams log minutes of any running activity (treadmill, trail, road, etc.) and any rowing activity (stationary, kayaking, canoeing, etc.). The team with the highest average minutes of activity after four weeks wins.

3. Step Up The Competition

Teams compete to see who can get the most steps over four weeks. The team with the most average steps at the end of the competition wins.

4. A Sporting Chance

Teams log entries playing sports. Any competitive activity is included (ex. pick-up basketball, softball, tennis, 5K, etc.). The team with the highest number of average sport entries after four weeks wins.

5. An Activity-A-Day

Log a physical activity that is at least 15 minutes every day for 8 weeks in this competition. Activities can include anything that gets your heart racing but cannot include something done for work or a by-product of work (i.e. loading trucks, walking around the office, etc.). The team that averages the most entries wins. If multiple teams are perfect, hold a 1-week tie-breaker competition for average minutes of physical activity!


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