administrative efficiency

Accomplish More With Less

Propel is designed to help your team achieve big goals with one platform. From incentive automation and exportable reports to pre-designed marketing materials and on-demand communication, your team just got a boost.

Customized incentives

Automated, Localized Incentives

Reduce the complexity and let Propel handle your incentive program. No matter your population size, location or benefit level, Propel can automate incentive programs that drive measurable results.

Integrate with 3rd party data sources like biometric screenings and physician visits.

Localize your incentive program for different regions and benefit levels so employees only see what's relevant to them.

Download on-demand reports on incentive progress and program participation.

Propel designs a custom incentive dashboard, specifically for you and your brand.

One-click reporting

Agile, Downloadable Reporting

Make reporting the easiest part of your job with Propel's one-click reports, built directly into the Propel administrator panel. Access multiple reports on-demand, such as program registration, competition leaderboards, incentive progress, group engagement and more.

Pre-Designed Communication

Ready to Send, Customized Communication

Included in the cost of Propel are custom designed communication materials to support competitions and challenges, incentives, portal registration, on-site events and more. Each ready-to-print or send piece is customized specifically for you and your brand.

on-demand messaging

Targeted, On-demand Messaging

Propel allows you to segment and message your population by region, incentive program, employed status, enrolled competition and more. It's easier than ever before to encourage and motivate the right people.

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