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Beginning with our exclusive 360 Engagement planning process, Propel will work with you to design a program plan and fully customized central platform with relevant programming resources and tools. Your dedicated account team will then stay with you throughout the program year to provide advice, guidance and any training you require to get the most from your customized platform and resources.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal Strategy
Propel Custom Employee Wellness Challenges

Competitions & Challenges

Run Unlimited Competitions

Create an unlimited number of custom competitions that align with your program goals. With Propel, there are no limits on the number of competitions you can run. Any measurable activity can be the subject of a competition for any length of time. You also have access to our library of custom leaderboards to spark even more engagement among your team.

You can have individuals, departments, teams and even locations competing against each other! Only those participating in the competition will see the leaderboard. And yes, these competitions can be part of an incentive program.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Activity Tracking & Goal Setting

Track Anything That Is Measurable

Propel allows you to track anything that is measurable. You can choose from hundreds of available activities in fitness, nutrition, wellness and biometric categories or create your own custom activities.

Every activity within the platform can be the subject of a goal, competition or incentive, giving you the ultimate flexibility for your specific program objectives.

Incentive Management

Automate Incentives

We know you spend a lot of time creating incentive programs, and Propel can customize an incentive display that makes earning incentives fun and engaging. We can design this for any incentive program structure, whether that be outcomes-based, progress-based or participation-based.

The Propel incentive platform can be programmed to receive data from any source, report progress back to the participant through a custom dashboard, automatically send completion reports to the right people and award incentives right through the Portal without requiring your admin-team’s intervention.

Need to create different programs for different groups of employees? No problem! Propel allows you to run multiple incentive programs—when a participant logs in, they only see the program that is relevant to them.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Incentive Program
Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Built-In Content Management System

Control Portal Content

Your Propel Enterprise Portal comes with a built-in content management system that gives you full control over all portal content. Write articles, embed videos, upload documents and more.

Propel also offers built-in, multi-format evidence-based education and resources across a wide variety of well-being topics.

See It In Action

Schedule A Demo

Let us show you how Propel can develop a world-class program for your organization.

Additional Features & Capabilities

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Integrate third-party resources

One Centralized Platform

Integrate third-party resources like health risk assessments, disease management, health coaching and more so employees have one central platform to easily access everything you offer. Propel supports integration of biometric screening data through feeds, physician forms as well as individual self-reporting.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Team Mentality

Dedicated Account Team & User Support

Propel clients are assigned a dedicated account team that stays with them during their year. You'll also have access to live phone, chat and email support from our portal support team.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Engage more of your population

Custom Communication

Propel's design team creates custom communication resources for your program for no additional charge! From a new competition to an upcoming biometric screening, Propel will help you communicate key aspects of your program in a way that works best for your organizational culture.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Localize For Specific Regions

One Global Program

Propel can create one global portal that can be localized for specific countries, regions or locations.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Learn how your population is engaging

Simple and Intelligent Reporting

With Propel's real-time reporting, you can easily access statistical data to see how your organization is engaging in all aspects of your program.

Propel Custom Employee Wellness Portal

Consolidate employee benefits

Benefit Communications

Use Propel as your benefits communication platform with direct single-sign-on connections to key benefit vendors. Propel can be set up to show participants only the benefits programs that apply to them.

Woman Checking Fitness Device Propel Wellness Program

Sync Your Activity Tracker

Device Compatible

Propel connects directly to popular activity tracking devices and apps like Apple, Fitbit and Garmin.

Using Mobile Responsive Propel Wellness Program

Access On The Go

Mobile Responsive Design

Propel is built on the latest responsive design, meaning you can access the entire platform on all of your devices.

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