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Propel City Challenge Corporate Wellness Challenge

Rise to the Challenge

The Propel Challenge is a fun, virtual community initiative designed to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to healthier living! Your organization will compete against other organizations in a one month virtual, physical activity challenge.

As your employees are looking to you for leadership, guidance and support as we all “restart,” joining the Propel Challenge will help send a simple yet powerful message that your organization is committed to their well-being and to the health of your community!

Challenge Details

The Propel Challenge is a virtual, physical activity competition that allows participating organizations to compete against each other by logging activities in the Propel Platform to earn points.

Participants can choose from hundreds of physical activities, so there is something for everyone! As your team’s participants record their physical activity, you’ll see your organization’s progress versus the other participating organizations on the real-time leaderboard.

The organization with the most number of average points at the end of the competition wins!

Propel City Challenge Corporate Wellness Challenge

What Participants Are Saying

People Love The Propel Challenge

“It was a great Challenge and amazing experience! This is the most engaged our organization has ever been with any wellness initiative.”

-Legal Resources Organization

“Thank Y’ALL so much! This has been so much fun for our organization. I’m hopeful this was the first of many challenges with you all.”

-Professional Sports Franchise

“This Challenge couldn’t have happened at a better time. In fact, we NEED Propel at our organization, and we need it all year long.”

-Private Label Manufacturer

"We have never participated in an event that was this good at communicating. Everything was so user-friendly and easy. Our people have enjoyed this more than you know!”

-Commercial Real Estate Firm

"The variety of activities and ease of syncing devices made it so easy and fun for our team to compete. We've been looking for a platform just like this for years!"

-Professional Sports Franchise

"We've had a need for a well-being program like this, and the Challenge was the perfect way to test it out. Now we know this is the right solution to keep our employees engaged throughout the entire year."

-Private Label Manufacturer

The "competition" drove me to move more everyday!!! It is hard to stay motivated these days in this WFH environment.. this daily accountability to the team helped me stay engaged.

-Shipping & Transportation Company

The city Challenge has motivated me in many ways like eating better and being more active. This has made me realize that anyone can do what it takes with a little push and support. I am so happy I joined. Thank you, Propel!


Even though I already work out every day, I found myself working out a little longer or doing a second workout some days in order to reach my max number of points with workouts alone.

-Local Law Enforcement

This Challenge has been so great for collaborating with other companies in our city and getting to see the faces behind the companies from the community engagement on the Portal.

-Global Leisure Company

This challenge has motivated me to always be Propelling forward...never backwards!

-Global Telecommunications Company

It's great to be part of these kind of initiatives; it lets us to be close to our co workers in a different enviroment.

-Shipping & Logistics Company

The Propel Platform

Propel is the definitive well-being program platform designed to help you consolidate your wellness initiatives into one easy to manage program and motivate healthy habits among your employees.

During the competition, your employees will have access to the entire Propel platform, including:

  • Activity Tracking & Goal Setting
  • Access to the Interactive Competition Leaderboard
  • Ability to Create Unlimited Private Competitions
  • At-Home Exercise Library
  • Virtual Kitchen Recipe Videos
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Resources
  • Access to Hundreds of Well-Being Articles Over Dozens of Topics

Propel X Les Mills

Bring the gym to your employees

All participants in the Propel Challenge will receive access to the LES MILLS guided workout library with dozens of workouts for every taste. View them any time, on any device. The best part? All workouts logged in the Portal earn your organization more points!

Propel Challenge Corporate Wellness Challenge



Propel connects directly to popular activity tracking devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin.

Propel Challenge Corporate Wellness Challenge



We know you don't always sit in front of a computer. Propel is built in the latest responsive design, meaning you can access the entire platform on all of your devices - no app required.

Propel Challenge 2021

Coming to a community near you!

  • Orlando, FL | February 1 - 26

  • Southern California | March 1 - 26

  • South Florida | April 1 - 30

  • Chicago, IL | June 1 - 25

  • Philadelphia, PA | July 1 - 30

  • New York, NY | August 2 - 27

  • Dallas, TX | September 1 - 24

  • Nashville, TN | October 1 - 29

  • United Kingdom | October 1 - 29

  • Phoenix, AZ | November 1 - 26

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone from your organization is welcome in the Propel Challenge! Even though this event will be focused on a single community, you are welcome to open the competition up to employees within your organization that work in other locations. We want to help you engage your whole team, even if they aren't physically present in the community!

Each organization is given a minimum of 25 roster slots to fill for the competition. If an organization has fewer than 25 registered participants, they may still participate in the event but their average points will continue to be calculated across 25 individuals.

There is no upper limit to the amount of participants each team may have, so more participation is strongly encouraged!

Absolutely not! The Propel Challenge is a virtual, physical activity competition that allows employees to compete from anywhere. Participants simply complete their favorite activities, then log the results in the Propel Challenge Portal to earn points for their team - no direct contact needed!

Yes! All competing organizations will designate an administrator (or more than one administrator) that will have access to on-demand reporting tools.

Each competing organization will accumulate points from their employees logging their physical activity in the Propel Challenge Portal. To keep the competition level, points are averaged across the total number of registered participants per organization. The team with the highest average number of points at the end of the competition wins!

Your organization will have access to the Propel platform for the entire competition period and an additional week after. If you would like to continue using Propel following the event, set up a conversation with us by clicking here

Propel does not sell or release any participant data or information entered in the competition. To learn more about our privacy policy and protected health information compliance, click here

All physical activities count towards the Challenge. There are more than 100 physical activities to choose between, and you can enter activity manually and/or automatically through a synced device. Other well-being activities can be entered for personal tracking, habit building and goal setting. To download a list of all possible activities,click here

Register Your Organization For The Propel Challenge!

This form is for those registering their organization. If you are an employee of an organization already signed up for the Challenge, look for the registration link from your HR team.

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