Customized Global Employee Well-being Platform

Create a Lasting Culture of Well-being

Infuse healthy living into your organizational identity with a flexible employee well-being platform, designed to relieve administrative burden and boost employee engagement.

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The Problem With Employee Well-being

For too long, well-being has been a "check-the-box" initiative with no clear direction or strategy. Many are lured into trying to pay their employees to be healthy without considering how true behavior change will occur. Others utilize expensive well-being platforms that are rigid, one-dimensional and fail to truly engage their employees.

This kind of well-being program doesn't work.

How Propel Is Different

PropelĀ® is a platform fully customized for organizations of all sizes to strategically and purposefully run comprehensive global well-being programs and other initiatives.

Propel is built to create long-term behavior change by infusing your unique culture into a program that is specifically crafted for you and intentional with its approach.

We know that not everyone is motivated by the same thing, and that true engagement comes when our individual interests and our organization's direction are aligned.

With Propel, you have the flexibility to meet your employees where they are while strategically guiding a truly global well-being program.

Here's What Our Clients Say

This Portal has become the gateway to all things wellbeing for our organisation. Propel is always tremendous and very responsive. Our employee engagement hit a record high during the pandemic as we relied heavily on Propel to help keep our global workforce healthy, connected, and informed. The flexibility the platform offers is unmatched.
Dominic, Global Banking Industry
Dominic, Global Banking Industry
Our implementation ran smoothly and was one of the easiest I've ever experienced. The communication pieces provided, announcing the change and the go-live were outstanding. Changing to a well-being platform can be daunting but with Propel, it was the best decision ever!
Laura, Hospitality Industry
Laura, Hospitality Industry
Propel has been proactive, thoughtful and strategic in their approach. They operate efficiently and seek to adapt and innovate around every turn. Our highest recommendation to any looking is to work with Propel.
Jill, Utilities Industry
Jill, Utilities Industry
I cannot tell you enough how rare it is to find partners that care as much about our organization as we do. From the very beginning you all have done a FANTASTIC job being responsive and going above and beyond to give us the best-in-class experience.
Amanda, Sports & Entertainment Industry
Amanda, Sports & Entertainment Industry
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