Good news! Propel is now a Sourcewell awarded vendor.

Propel has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract by Sourcewell, allowing Sourcewell members to buy off of an established contract without going through a separate bid process.

Why should Sourcewell members choose Propel?

Propel delivers custom wellness solutions including unlimited individual, team and group wellness challenges across hundreds of topics, comprehensive wellness education, custom incentive strategies and more, through its fully mobile-optimized portal.

Propel provides an average discount of 83% and unique services to Sourcewell members!

Who is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a cooperative purchasing organization that helps government entities by facilitating the competitive bid process and securing valuable pricing discounts for its members.

Joint powers and cooperative purchasing laws authorize clients to access Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contracts.

The Sourcewell Process

Sourcewell determines the scope of each competitive solicitation by identifying the needs of our public agency clients. This is accomplished through daily interactions and guidance from its clients.

Before initiating a solicitation, Sourcewell seeks permission from the publicly elected Sourcewell Board of Directors.

Upon approval from the board, Sourcewell issues a public notice and advertisement.

Sourcewell accepts web-based, digital submissions through the Sourcewell Procurement Portal. Responses through the portal are secure and inaccessible until after the published due date and time. Sourcewell conducts a public-proposal opening time, date, and place as specified in the RFP

At the proposal opening, Sourcewell evaluates the responsiveness of each proposal received. The evaluation committee then presents its recommendations to the chief procurement officer (CPO) for final review and approval.

Sourcewell maintains a complete procurement file, and contract documentation is posted on its website. They periodically review all awarded contracts for compliance and effectiveness.

Interested in becoming a member of Sourcewell?

To see if your organization is already a member of Sourcewell, or to become a member, register at

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