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Who we are

Propel® has been delivering custom well-being program platforms for organizations of all sizes around the globe for over 19 years. We design, build and manage your dream well-being platform based on your organization's culture and goals.

With Propel, users get a best-in-class experience with a central platform that holds well-being information, education, incentive management, communication and well-being competitions throughout the year. Users also get custom-branded tracking tools that allow them to set goals, track from hundreds of potential categories (physical activity, nutrition, mental health, biometrics, financial wellness and more), network with others, create and launch their own private competitions, qualify for customizable incentives and much more. 

Why We're Different

At Propel, we believe every successful well-being program starts with understanding the organization's culture, challenges and goals and customizing every aspect of the platform to meet those needs. Our proven approach uses the science of motivation and behavior change to make a lasting impact on employee well-being.

We believe every organization is unique, and that's why none of our clients' well-being platforms look alike. Upon implementation, we sit down with you and define what success looks like and how we're going to measure it. 

When there's a meaningful purpose behind your well-being initiatives, the employee engagement rate is much higher, leading to lasting healthier habits. And when employees are healthier and more productive, you can relax and focus on the rest of your priorities.

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